Off page techniques that are going to die in 2013

A lot has been spoken on link building nowadays. A lot of blogs, discussions and theories have been put forward about how Link Building should be done post Penguin and Panda update. Many people have been asking me about which link building techniques they should go after this update, this is because many sites who used to do link building in a haphazard manner suffered a lot because of this and now they have realized that link building is not just about generating back-links to your site it is more than that.

Today I am going to discuss some techniques which you must discontinue or at least reduce the number of times you do it during a particular period of time. So that your site back links will not suffer from any Google update. And also I would like to share the techniques which would prove beneficial for you and fetch you good results in the future.

1) Directory Submission 

You all have been doing this for a quite long amount of time. It fetched you good results before the panda and penguin update but that’s it. Google has become more smarter now. It takes into account each and every link that is associated with your website.
But you will say that I have submitted my website in a proper categories but if you have read the Google algorithm update correctly you will notice that google is only focusing on content. From now on it is the content that is going to play a major role in building back links to your site and also generating a good amount of traffic to your site.

2) Social Bookmarking 


Social bookmarking should be continued only to the sites which are highly popular on the web. I would like to mention reddit, stumbleupon, delicious etc. You should do social bookmarking only on high Page Rank sites. They give you good amount of traffic and back links if you do social bookmarking in the right way. Don’t make the visitors feel like you are advertising yourself. People will do an upvote and eventually share your post only when they feel it is interesting and engaging. Virility plays an important role when you do social bookmarking

3) Forum Posting  


Forums have become smarter nowadays. They have revised all their guidelines regarding posting and commenting on threads. Many people(even I) used to give anchor text links while commenting on relevant topics. But now the picture is entirely different, if you are found advertising yourself or your brand on forum sites the moderators take strict action against you. They may even ban you from the forum on certain cases.
Although they give you the liberty of advertising yourself in the signature which you mention after every comment, but nowadays some forums ban you if your signature has no relation with the post on which you are commenting so I guess forums are no way going to earn you traffic in the coming years.

4)  Classified Submission  

Classified submissions are somewhat safe I can say because classified sites don’t allow you to post any links to your site. You can advertise you product on them. But classified submission are only beneficial for e-commerce/online shopping sites. No other sites can do classified submissions.

5) Content Marketing 


There is a lot of things you can do when it comes to content marketing
I would like to break up content marketing into following things

a) Guest Posting

  All of you Know what guest posting is. Submitting your posts to guest posting sites. IF they accept your post you will  get backlinks to your website and a good traffic. Although it depends on the blog popularity on which you are posting your article.

b) Article Submissions
Articles are a great way to know people about what your business is. You can also write about the current hot topics which are going on in your industry to gain attention of the people. It has proven beneficial over time. Google won’t give you a penalty on article submissions as it

c) Press Releases

If you happen to see a website of some newspaper company. You will see that there is a lot of content on it. If you notice these sites have a page rank between 7 to 10. The reason for this is the content on newspaper websites is fresh, it keeps on changing on a daily basis. So google loves content which is changing rapidly.
So press release sites are the best way to gain good traffic and good quality back links to your sites.

According to me if you follow these activities in 2013 I guess you should not worry about any Google update and your rankings will not suffer.

Thanks for reading this article. I would love to see your suggestions if you have something different in your mind.